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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Black & White . . & RED

Once again, an EASY tip for you ^^
Today I'll teach you how to make a black & white picture, but with one color in it. Cool, Right?

Let's START. .

First, choose a picture. For this trick to work well, the color you want to keep should be DIFFERENT from the whole picture. Look at my example, There is only one red in the pic, so that's good.

After open your picture in photoshop, "right click" on the background layer and duplicate it.

Make sure, you are in the new layer you just duplicated.
Go to Select - > Color Range

Use the dropper to select the color you want in the picture. Try changing around to make it look like mine in the pic above. Then OK

Add a Layer Mask by clicking at the icon which has the white circle in the middle. You will get something like the pic above.

Now come back to the original layer.
Go to Image - > Adjustments - > Gradient Map

Choose the Black to White gradient. Then, OK

Bingo !! You got it. ^^

**This technique is a simple one to do this kind of pics (black, white, and a color). If you want to make a more complicated pic to be like this, you have to select the portion you want and mask it yourself.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey great tips i love them just a few questions:
1. when i did the black, white and red (in my case yellow) the end result turned out dull, the yellow wasn't bright enough!
how can i brighten up the yellow after?

and 2. how do you blur out imperfections, like pimples and redness?
please send me an email - greycat_rox@hotmail.com