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Friday, June 22, 2007

Custom Image Text

In this photo shop tutorial, I'll teach you how to design the letters with your custom image background with a simple trick!!

It's fast, easy, and simple . .

First of all, you need to choose a picture to be the background of the your text. In my example, I used the banner of my blog ^^. Then open the pic in the photoshop.

When you open a picture in photoshop, it will be lebeled as Background in the layer. Now Create a new layer above it by simply clicking at the create new layer icon below (the one that looks like paper)

Use the paint bucket tool to pure in color you want.

Use the Text tool, and type the words you want.The layers must be arrannged like this.
And now you get something that look like this.

Use the magic wand tool to select outside the text.

Press Ctrl-Shift-i to invert the selection.

Click at the Layer 1 and press Delete to delete the color in the selection. Press Ctrl-D to deselect.
Delete the Text layer by simply drag it to the bin.

Here, you go !! You can move the Layer 1 around to get the most beautiful text you like !! Crop it and SAVE. ^^

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Anonymous said...

converting text into a vector image and using the path as a mask will look way smoother and enables you to enlarge endlessly without losing quality.