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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Coloring The Sky

One day, my friend got to see my blog, and he knew I was making a blog about photoshop. He asked me a question, "Do you know how to change the sky color of the photo if it's completely white?" . . Yeah, right, I'll try.

He gave me this picture as an example.

. . erm. . really white it is . . if you've played around in photoshop a little, you know that you cannot use hue/saturation, or that kind of things to change the color that is WHITE.

So what else we can do?

#1st Trial

My friend said he wanted his picture to have a blue sky, so I tried to put color in it using the paint bucket tool.

First of all, you have to select the sky portion, by using the magic wand tool.

Select the magic wand, and click at the sky to make a selection like this. .

Create new layer, use the paint bucket tool to pure in the color you like in the selection.
You will get something like this.

BUT !!!, look at the pink arrow I've made. There are still white spots between the trees !!

Arhh. .That's bad.

**Because the edges of the sky in this picture is not smooth, so this thing happen. If you try it with your picture, and it looks fine, that's good.

#2nd Trial

Use the same magic wand tool and select the sky again. Create new layer for good. (You might adjust the opacity later)

This time, the CLOUD BRUSH come in used. If you don't know what is a brush or don't have a cloud brush, you can download it here.

How to Load Brush to your Photoshop


Load the Cloud brush here


Here it is, the result.

I got nice sky on that pic !! *0*
Tips :
1. Try to make the area around the tree to be a cloud, so it does not look so obvious like the one in the 1st trial.
2. Adjust the opacity of your brush layers, so it's not too bright.
If you can, plz don't take a pic under bright hot sun !! 'Cos it's HOT and it's WHITE.
If you don't understand anything on my tutorial, you can leave a question in the comment. I'll try to get the answer for you ^^ (I know I'm not good at explaining things, - -" sorry . .)
**This is my friend's beautiful photo album. Take a look at it - ->Here

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Ohm ;p said...

Good Stuff!! I like it.

Anonymous said...

or use a polariser ;)