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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

5 Steps to Start Blogging

Today is the 10th day since I started to do this blog. It just started out of NOTHING basically, no plans, no strategies. . . and I really mean it.

There are a lot of tutorials, steps, and advice on how to start building a blog.
Here is mine. Five Steps to Start Blogging

The steps that I took.

The steps that might be the same as other Pros bloggers.

The steps you might want to follow.

On June Sunday, June 10, I was too lazy to do anything, so I sat in front of my TV, and kept on changing the chanels, trying to find something to watch. Then, there was a TV program about GOOGLE. It was talking about how google works, how the search engine works, how they make money, and how people make money out of it. . . . Wait, how people make money out of it? Wow, that's sound interesting. So, that's the first time I got to know the word ADSENSE.

I was thinking that it would be nice if I could make a web site too because everyday, I spent almost half of my days in front of my computer, searhing through web sites, playing around good stuffs, so WHY NOT MAKE ONE OF YOUR OWN!?

Step # 1 : Search, Search, and Search
Gather all information you need. Get basic ideas of blogging, what people do, and what they don't. Read the rules, and understand it. Look at others blogs, what people like to blog about, what is that you like or don't like about their blog, and the designs? If you find the blogs which give you tips on blogging you like, bookmark it.

Step # 2 : Decide what you will blog about
Think about what you do everyday, what you are interested in, what is unique, and what you are good at. For me, I like to play around with photoshop, searching the web for fun stuffs, and now I like to blog. So theese are my interests, and what are on my blogs.

Step # 3 : Find a Host
If you are just a beginner (like me), try the free hosts. There are bunch of free hosting services out there. But, to make it easy, use http://www.blogger.com/ Why? Because it is easier to get approved for Google Adsense if you use blogger.

Step # 4 : Name Your Blog
Your blog name is very, very important. The search engines will prioritise the name in the Title, before the words in the page. If you can, relate your title name to what your information in your blog would be.

Step # 5 : Create Your Blog
Now, play around with the functions in your blogging page. Know what each of the function is for. Try templates, colors, font styles, until you are satisfied. Finally, start posting!!

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