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Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Old, But It's Classic

Hi, After you learned the tip to adjust your pic into a colorful nice style. (In case you never see my blog, it's here. )

Now we will see how to make your photo look classic !! *0* In other words, this tutorial will guide you on how to make your photo look old.

First, open your photo in your photoshop. - -* (Of course, I don't need to tell you, right?)

I got this pic from http://www.freefoto.com/ Photographer:Ian Britton

If your photo is not black and white, press Shift+Ctrl++U to desaturate it.

Now, go to Image - > Adjustments - > Photo Filter...

Choose the Filter to be Deep Yellow as in the pic below. You may try adjusting around to see what's best for your pic.

You will get something like this. Wow, get the feel of classic photo? You may stop here if you want, but I have more fun for you !!

Go to Filter - > Render - > Lighting Effects Use the spotlight to make your photo a little bright in the middle and a little dark at the edges.

Then, right click at your photo layer and duplicate it. (or simply drag and drop at the new layer icon)
Change the function in the drop down menu (usually it's at Normal). See which one gives the best shot!!. Here is mine, with Overlay.

You may try the linear burn, and color burn too. Have fun ^0^

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