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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Text Area & Scroll Box : HTML Code

Do you have a problem displaying HTML code on your blog?
What you need is the text area.
**Update You can use another method to display html code on your blog.Here
The text area is basically similar to a scroll box, so we will learn two codes today!!

You just have to copy this code and paste wherever you can edit the HTML.
Here is the code

Text Area
For simple text area, You can display HTML in your blog by using text area.

Scroll Box


Fancy scrollbox, You can choose the size, bg color, font color, font style, font size, text alignment, size of the border, type of the border, color of the border.

If you do not know how to edit the code.
Generate your Scroll Box Here

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Bobby Revell said...

I have been looking at css all day but this is all I need! I should've known that but thanks to you I have a solution:) Thank you:)

D said...

I am trying to add to my blog
a scroll box where I can add a html code for others to grab...for graphics..I do not want the image to show up...just the graphic code..in the scroll box..
Now I am making codes that work..and make graphics...when used...but when I add it to scroll boxes..it looks right...but no longer works..
what is happening..what is wrong..

june said...

I think that the code may get mixed up with the code of your scroll box somehow. I suggest that you use the entities to show your code. It's faster, easier, and less confusing.

If you don't know what entities are, use this, HTML -> Entities Converter. Just copy the code you want to display, and convert it into entities. Put them on your blog, and it will show as the code, not the graphic. ^^

Emmy Horstkamp said...

Thanks! I have some images that I am going to be putting on my website and I wanted to share the code. This really helps! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey June, thanks for the codes, but I can't make it work, the clicking banner keeps appearing instead of the text

Anonymous said...

I understand the whole 'textarea' thing, and it does show them as text, but I as wondering how you can resize the 'textarea' box??

The Mehaffie's said...

When I added the text area, all the other gadgets on my blog stopped working. When I removed it, they came back. What's happening?


it is very useful for me... thanks for your information...